Repair of Visors

прибори за наблюдение

In the factory are carried our survey for defects, service, repair, engraving and painting of:

Instruments and devices (TVN-2, TVN-2B, TVN-2P, TVNO-2, MK-4, TVNE-1PA, TVNE-4PA, TNPA-65, TNP-165, TPN-160, TNP-A, TNP-B, 54.36.5 SBBM, L36.65.SB.2BM)

Visors (9Sh119; 9Sh18M and 9Sh115);

Views (PG-1, PG-1M);

Range directors (PAB-2, PAB-2A);

Illuminants (12-A; 12-G; OU-3GK);

TOG-452 TV telescopic head;

Other optical instruments (TZK anti-aircraft commander’s tube; 6×30 binocular; 8×30 binocular, etc.; shape: square, theodolite, etc.).