Repair of Sights


In the factory are carried our survey for defects, service, repair, engraving and painting of:

Sight range-finders (TPD-K1 sight range-finders; TPD2-49 sight range-finders);

Tank sights (TSh-2B-32PV; TShS-32PV tank sight; TShS-41U);

Sights ( OP-5 sight; OP-4M; APN-6-40 sight; TKN-1S sight; TKN-3; TKN-3B; NSPU sight; TPN1-22-11 tank night vision sight; TPN1-49-23);

Anti-aircraft sights

Night sights (NSPU; PGN-9 M; APN-6-40; 1PN22M2; TKN-1C; TKN-3B; TPN1-22-11, TPN1-49-23);

Night Vision (TVN-2, 2B-TVN, TVN-2P, TVNO-2; TVNE-1PA, TVNE-4PA, PVN-57);