Universal tripod with gun-carriage for 14.5mm KPV/KPVT


The universal tripod’s function is designed to provide combat shooting with 14.5 mm KPV / KPVT in two versions – infantry and mobile.

The infantry model enables firing practice at ground and airborne targets and alternative position of the shooter (from a standing position, from lying position, and shooting behind a trench).

The mobile model provides for the universal tripod to be mounted on a automotive chassis and to conduct combat shooting when the automotive unit is stationary or in motion.

The tripod is universal and allows for the installation of both KPV and KPVT.

Technical details:

  • horizontal fire -360°
  • vertical fire + (63°-65°)/- (5°-7°)
  • locking mechanism in any position of the device
  • light and compact construction
  • serviced by 2 shooters
  • elastic damping suspension
  • improved accuracy in shooting
  • folding legs – 3
  • shooting functionality at any position
  • the elastic units are in the bore line of the device
  • easy assembly and dismantling
  • locking handles can be fitted on the left or on the right side.