Universal tripod with gun carriage for 7.62mm machine gun PKT


To increase the opportunities for battlefield use of  small arms weapons  ( machine guns ) and company ” Terem – IVAYLO ” Veliko Tarnovo offers a range of technological carriage , automobile beams and adapters designed to provide guidance to the firing of these guns on ground and air purposes in variant available to the shooter. The proposed modular products provide opportunities for installation of heavy caliber machine gun on a tripod when shooting from land car beam – in conducting drive-by shooting type pickup , and adapters for keeping the shooting of specialized military vehicles (type Hammer, M113 ) .



The universal tripod is to be used for the support of combat fire with a PKT -7.62 mm machine gun in two variations – infantry and mobile.

The infantry variation provides the opportunity to fire at ground and aerial targets from various shooting positions (standing, lying and from a trench)

The mobile variation provides the opportunity for mounting the universal tripod on a vehicle frame and for firing from a stationary position or while the vehicle installation is moving.


Technical specifications:

  • Range of horizontal fire – 360°
  • Range of vertical fire + (63°- 65°)/ – (5° – 7°)
  • Possibility for locking the device in every position
  • Compact and light-weight construction
  • Possibility to be used by two shooters
  • Elastic Damper suspension
  • Efficiency of the fire from any position
  • The elastic links are in the bore line of the device
  • Easy mounting and dismounting
  • Both left and right mounting of the locking handles of the gun-carriage